Did you ever hear about what lives in the river?

Which river?

You know. The one where old guys like to fish and where a kid disappeared last fall.

He didn’t disappear.

No. Then where did he go?

To the city.

Is that what they told you.


Heh. Funny story, but not quite true. Jim was at the river.


Kids like to swim.

Not by themselves.

You caught me there. The water was getting too cold.

Then what.

A fish. He went to feed a fish.

Like with bread?

Jim told me on the day I saw him sneaking off with his lunches, that a poor cat lived down at the bank.

Then it was a cat.

A cat would have been nice. It was a fish. Maybe you’re too young to understand.

Not true.

Sorry. Just, it’s not a nice story.

Come on.

Well, Every Tuesday Jim went down to the bank with his sandwich, feeding this thing. Let’s call it that. This thing that I happened to spot when I snuck over. It was the most, well she was the most beautiful lady I ever saw. One arm was holding her to the bank while the other delicately held a jelly sandwich ready to drip into her mouth. Like a fancy swimmer she was. She was gorgeously bare breasted. Glistening she was. A genuine mermaid that be eating a sandwich.

A what?

A mermaid. A sea which. So beautiful and tempting. Oh, I would have gone back there too, but Jim and her were having a moment. His lips were getting awfully close to hers.


But alas. That sweet lady did put a hand around Jim’s slender waist and slid him closer still. Until she pulled poor Jim right down under. And we never got him back.


Feature Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

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