Hush, You Devils


“No listen. Did you hear about Anna’s boyfriend?”

“The blond one.”

“The one who dresses up.”

“So funny.”


“Do you think he wears those all the time?”

They laughed.

A book clapped shut.

“Students,” came the familiar voice, “Do be quiet in the library.”

“I told you we should hush.”

“Forget it. She’s just the librarian.”

“A timid nerd.”

“A nerd. Like Anna’s boyfriend.”

“We shouldn’t talk about this.”

“Oh, who cares.”

“The librarian is right over there.”

“What can she do? She’s going to act nice no matter what. That’s her job.”

“I’m going to get my textbooks for the next class.”


“You know what. I’m going to hang out with Anna. You guys aren’t worth it.”

“Loser. Walk away loser.”

“So Anna… hey what happened to the lights.”

My. Aren’t you devilish children.”



Featured Photo by Erica Li on Unsplash

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