An End of Innocence

The girl sat in a chair up in the castle tower, her back held straight, her hands folded neatly on her lap, hugging the ring to her finger. Around her lay all the beautiful dresses, a silver evening gown with gold sequins, a sapphire dress that had as many folds as the ocean, a deep scarlet robe that shifted its color like a living flame. Tonight she wore only a simple white nightdress. Yet even this garment made visible an unearthly beauty. First to be noticed were the long strands of dark hair almost sweeping the floor, she had grown her hair long since her grandmother left. Then there were her eyes, always looking ahead, searching for the answer in the stars, dark eyes that threatened to drown the universe. Tonight was the worst of all the nights. She had sat staring out the window, at the stars above, wishing for someone to show her the way out of the tower. She did not want to become an adult anymore. Adults became untruthful and they forgot what was important.


Inspired by the story The Princess and the Goblin

Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash