Dinner for One

I rest my tired shoulders against the cold brick wall, hold my lighted cigarette up to the dusty sky, and exhale my worries. People say that small restaurants have a family feel. All the small talk makes it cozy, but it’s only small talk, I say.

The real important conversations, the one about choices, the one about passions, have escaped me. You didn’t think I wanted to work at some small restaurant as some small-minded cook, did you? Not my fault if she died, not my fault. I bring the cigarette to my lips, stealing one last kiss. Ironic, how I can still cook for others, yet I am living off of stolen breath.

“Jonas,” Somebody calls my name.

A door is opened and steam rushes out. They don’t see me, even as ash falls from the glowing end of the cigarette. They have blocked me out behind the door. When I am satisfied with how they call for me, I will return. For now.

I think I’ll stay a while longer.


Featured Photo by Dylan Fout on Unsplash


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